Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's a girl...maybe!

I’m telling you, and this is absolutely no joke, I thought to myself this very day...I haven’t heard from fab social worker in a little bit. Then at 4:50 I get an email, the one I secretly have been dreading since our last denial. She has an african american baby girl who is due to be born at the end of April beginning of May. The birth mother has not completely decided yet if she is going to put the baby up for adoption, which kind of stresses me out because of what we went through the last time. Here’s the thing...I can’t say no. Little girl, I can’t not take you home with me. I said the last time that I just don’t think I can do it. This one is different, it’s super tentative, meaning the mother seriously hasn’t decided. We have time on our side FOR ONCE. We have two and half months until she’s born but only a couple weeks probably in order to make a decision to move forward. The email from Jan said, “this is not certain yet, BUT if things go through she’ll need to know ASAP if we’re interested”. Silly Jan. Doesn’t she know by now that of course we’re interested, interested is not the problem. Money is the problem. It’s always the problem. We are just waiting to hear back from our grant app’s we sent out! We can’t make a move forward until we hear back. We got a check in the mail out of the blue the other day, from people we care about, who care about us. Who care about our baby. I love that. I can’t get enough of that...and no, it doesn’t mean that I only think you love our baby if you send us money, it’s just cool when people make sacrifices in their own life like that. We’re up against a time crunch here. We need approximately $8600 to even accept this referral. I know it’s possible, I know that God is bigger. I’m continuing to pray that our grant applications find their way into the hearts of those who will donate the money to make our family a reality. Please continue praying, if you are.

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