Monday, February 8, 2010

I dreamt about you last night baby...

It’s weird because from the beginning of this whole endeavor I’ve always dreamt girl. I don’t know why, obviously it’s a dream so I can’t sit there and ask myself those questions while I dream. I can’t say well I’m craving different things this time, or I’m carrying really high, or the heart beat is fast or slow. Last night it was a boy. Maybe because it was almost a boy, and we bought boy stuff, and settled on a boy name, or maybe because I’ve always wanted a boy first so he can protect his little sister, and it’s a dynamic I’m not familiar with at all. It was a funny dream, just like “a day in the life” kind of thing, toy trucks and legos on the floor, both him and Tyler were playing. That’s it. Until next time little boy...only next time can it be me holding you in my arms?

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