Monday, October 5, 2009

First baby purchase...

Target was desperately calling my name today…I have neglected my dear bullseye friend the last few weeks, and it needed some quality time from me…just to get a good browse in. I found the cutest little blanket, so I bought it. It’s green (which is my favorite color) but also happens to be pretty gender neutral, and it has owls on it. I love owls, and they tend to be a little trendy right now so I thought to myself, perhaps in 12-18 months when this is done this won’t be here. Thus my first baby purchase. I also started to realize that I’m more than likely going to skip a whole stage of life, the newborn stage. Which in my opinion will save us some dough, then I won’t need to waste time with a bassinet, breast pump, swing, or those little mitts you put on their hands to keep them from scratching themselves. It was weird shopping for MY future child though…I always ALWAYS shop for other people’s babies, I mean like browse and think of people I know who have babies or are having babies and then I just go hog wild! So today I bought something for my baby…didn’t go hog wild though, but still I bought something for MY baby.

In other news, the reference letters went out on Friday to our required list of personal/work references. I just had a friend notarize our CHS application and we’re getting our fingerprinting done on Monday. Then we’ll send off the fingerprints and the app back to CHS and work on more paperwork.

Thanks to everyone who reads this and likes it…and if you’re praying…that makes me smile.

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