Thursday, February 18, 2010

Coincidence?... I think not!

It’s interesting to me that after my meltdown yesterday and coming to grips with the fact that I have to be patient and see this through, that I get a phone call today from one the places that we applied to. It’s called LifeSong for Orphans and we decided to apply with them for a no interest adoption loan, knowing full well that paying it back won’t be an issue because of the adoption tax credit we’ll receive. Her name is Abby, she was a very sweet lady and super fun to talk to on the phone. I couldn’t believe that I actually got a phone call!!!! I don’t care that she didn’t give me a yes or no answer, I just cared to know that they were working on it (which is progress on my part). She just wanted to know more about our fundraising efforts and to gauge where we are at in the process. I was able to tell her that we have denied three referrals in hopes to communicate the immediate need we have for this money, and now we have the very real possibility of yet another one slipping through our fingers! She was kind, a breath of fresh air, and it’s always so exciting to speak with someone else about the rigors of the adoption process. She did inform me that we will hear back from her in a few weeks!!!! YAHOOOOO!!!!!! Please pray that God gives us favor with LifeSong, pray that we qualify for some of our cost so we can accept this referral. Pray that God will put YOU into contact with individuals who may want to give towards this effort as well.

In closing as a reminder to myself, here are things we are NOT....we are not an infertile couple whose only means for having a family is through adoption which most times people just don’t understand, we are not able to do this financially without the help of grants, donations from friends and family, and sacrifices in our own finances. Instead, here are some things that we ARE...we are two people who love each other and want to share this life with someone else, we ARE capable of providing for this child, we ARE obeying God’s direction in our life to move forward with adoption, we ARE nothing in this life without Him and what He did for us on the cross...we ARE going to be parents some day to a child whose own family couldn’t or didn’t want them...we ARE blessed to be called to such a challenge.

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