Sunday, January 17, 2010


I am, by nature, a non-news watcher. Mostly because it’s depressing and argumentative and saturated with who’s right and who’s wrong so I’d rather not turn my TV on and be annoyed, let alone depressed. Some might call it denial, I myself call it self-preservation. This week what has happened in Haiti has been truly unbelievable. When tragedy strikes there is no prejudice, it doesn’t say to itself “tragedy? I think it best that we hit this area, they can take it, they’d bounce right back and be just fine” it simply does what it does best and completely takes everyone by surprise. I’ve been stalking news websites looking at pictures and really trying to come to grips with what an experience like this brings. I can’t fathom it, not even one ounce. I can’t fathom what it’s like to have a mom or dad and in an instant be wandering the street with no food or water, and no mom and dad. I know there are other people affected by this, I know there are adults who lost children, business owners who lost businesses, a country who lost its capital, but I can’t not think about the children. Today I was touched a little deeper, not by anything in particular but just thoughts. I felt strongly about us trying to help in some way. There is and always will be a huge need for adoptive families. In my opinion the need becomes a little greater when the children are starving, hungry, and homeless but even greater still when the children are starving, hungry, homeless and their city destroyed.

I emailed fab social worker tonight. I told her that if she heard anything, if they were offering these children homes in the US and making some exceptions on requirements. I asked her to consider us if she heard anything at all. I feel helpless, I don’t want to send money, or make a care package, I want to offer these children (yes plural, I’d take 10 if they let me), something better...OUR running water...OUR food...OUR home...OUR BED...OUR family...OUR love.

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