Saturday, January 2, 2010

Brag post...

Since we started this adoption process and started to get real with ourselves about the prospect of being parents within a year, I’ve found myself reflecting on the amazing man that sleeps beside me every night, and how I will get to share him with someone else who will see and experience first hand those great qualities as much as I do, and that someday maybe they’ll write a blog similar to this one about how much they appreciate their dad. I don’t say it enough to him and I most certainly don’t say it enough to other people but my husband is seriously a wicked good partner. I mean he’s freaking adorable for one thing but there are many MANY other qualities that I admire and covet so much in him.

HILARIOUS! We laugh together all the time and he always comes up with the funniest things and ideas. Hands down one of the funniest people I’ve ever met and it’s definitely one of the main reasons why I started to like him in the first place. He just makes me laugh.

COMMITTED. This is one loyal dude, he loves his family, wife, pets, guitars, music. He will stand behind what’s right and not think twice about it. He works hard during the week to make sure Sunday will run smoothly and that it will be run with excellence, he certainly doesn’t settle for second best in anything. He’s committed in his relationship with Christ, he wants to learn more about his faith, learn more about being a good Godly husband, he likes to be challenged to be a better man and takes the hits that keep on comin’. There is not a hint of pride in him, he’s willing to learn and change if that means being a better person.

THOUGHTFUL. There are things that he remembers and then buys for me just out of no where, no reason, just because. I’m used to getting flowers from him at least once a month, sometimes once every couple months. When I’m sick he takes care of me, when I’m a brat he ignores me, when I’m sad he hugs me, when I’m confused he works through things with me, when I’m undeserving he loves me.

FUTURE DAD. He’s going to be a great dad! I know it, I’m betting money on it. He’ll teach them respect and appreciation, instill sports fanaticism in them (girl or boy), protect them.

So after over seven and a half years of marriage, and eight and a half years of actually being together, my love for this guy has grown into a great appreciation for all the good things God created him with. I truly couldn’t imagine my life without him, I would never want to live my life without him. To a truly truly amazing partner, my love TJ.

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