Friday, December 18, 2009

*WARNING* it's a sappy post...

Last night I had a hard time falling asleep, just couldn’t get comfortable and I must not have been tired enough. Anywho, I just started thinking about how life will be changing soon and how much I really will miss it being just Tyler and I. Being able to pick up and go whenever we want, being able to lounge and be unscheduled every once in a while, it’s a nice life I’m not gonna lie. Then I started to think about my new little guy or gal. I imagined them all tiny and warm snuggled up and smelling like a million bucks. I imagined the bassinet set up by our bed and our little one in it. I fast forwarded to when they’re talking and walking and so excited to see us, and sad to see us go. I imagined them being three or four and saying hilarious things and asking TONS of questions...I did a lot of thinking last night and then I fell asleep.

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