Wednesday, December 23, 2009

No clever title here...

We received our actual paper home study in the mail on Monday! It was super sweet. I opened it with such care like it absolutely couldn’t be recreated if I ruined it! We had to sign one page of it and send it back to our social worker but the rest was ours to keep. It looks so fancy. It’s still kinda bizarre though that a 10 page paper could make or break us you know? Whatever, it’s a go and we couldn’t be MORE THRILLED!

Last Friday we got an email from our social worker telling us about a biracial girl who was due in March. She specifically said DO NOT GET EXCITED, to which I informed Tyler is the most ridiculous thing anyone could say. It’s like saying “Don’t look over here” or “Don’t freak out when I tell you this”...impossible! She wanted Tyler and I to call her when we both were home at the same time so we could discuss birth mom details. Turns out the birth mom is 36, has already had a heart attack due to heart disease, her mother passed away at 43 from a heart attack due to heart disease AND she wants to be compensated an additional $2800 on top of our normal fees. We decided due to the heart disease and the additional fee we were going to pass. Now, don’t be fooled we weren’t the only people that were being considered so it’s not like it was a given. She did, however, want her child to be placed with a Christian family that’s very involved in their church so I think we may have had a little bit of a leg up in that department. So, it’s a pass for now. We prayed a different kind of prayer that night. It wasn’t “Lord help us make the right decision with this”, it was “Lord help us know that the decision we already made is the right decision”. So for now, I’m really focusing on taking a true break over the Christmas holiday. Just kind of get my bearings and then next week be firing with all cylinders.

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