Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wildly normal thoughts?...

So in the beginning when I had my major “Am I ready to be a parent?” freak out moment I was also thinking a few other things, that I had to work through by myself. I’m afraid of being annoyed by my baby, I mean I know that I’m going to be annoyed by my adolescent child but really...annoyed at an infant? They can’t help that they’re totally helpless without me, or that their tummy hurts or they’re teething. It’s just weird to think that my infant child is going to get on my nerves. Anyone else ever felt that way about their newborn? I guess I just think to myself....self you just saved and raised a ton of money to travel 7,000 miles across the country to rescue a kid from a no good life to bring them home to NOT BE ANNOYED WITH THEM. Unrealistic I know. I’ll get over it but the truth is I don’t WANT to be annoyed with them, I love them (already and we’ve not even met), oh well I’ll get over it I suppose.

Still looking for donations for our garage sale! Hoping to collect a lot of junk for this sale so we can raise some serious $$$ for our dossier fee! My parents cleaned out their garage tonight so I can’t even imagine what they’ll be donating, I know one thing that’s going to turn some heads a sweet little moped that my dad bought my mom over a year ago during the gas crisis. Its name is McFly because it looks like a flippin’ space machine!

Keep praying we raise the funds we need to bring this baby home. We’re sending out support letters soon and raising money with our coffee. Don’t forget to visit our store at .

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