Monday, November 16, 2009

Two more weeks...

Today means that we only have 2 weeks until our final home study visit. Our list of things to get is not that big, a fire extinguisher, cabinet locks, and outlet covers. I’m still deciding what the world we’re going to do with our dogs...I’m afraid Gus is going to launch himself at her and scratch her face. That will mean great things, since we plan on having an infant. It was kind of weird to make that list the other day, you know? To actually hear Tyler say “Ok I’ll go to Lowe’s and pick up some of those outlet covers...” Also if I’m being totally honest I hate the idea of installing cabinet locks. Our kid isn’t even going to be able to move around by the cabinets when we bring them home. I’m opposed to it, but I don’t have a choice, they’ll just annoy me after the social worker is gone! HA! I’m not nervous about her coming here. She is seriously such a cool cat and the last two meetings we’ve had with her have been super chill. In fact sometimes I think that our home study experience is very different from other people’s that I’ve heard of. The whole idea of this home study is just bizarre anyway, the fact that someone we’ve only known for two months is going to write a few page document that is our green light for being great parents is so strange to me. Anywho, we’re SO EXCITED! This is one step closer, and I know that once this is completed this process is really going to speed up QUITE A BIT! Essentially we’ll start dealing with Holt exclusively which up until this point we haven’t really dealt with them at all.

Things are changing. My thoughts are a little different. Each holiday or birthday brings the thoughts of “This time next year, I’ll be toting a baby around with me on my birthday”, “this time next year I’ll be telling a little guy/girl to not touch the ornaments on the tree”...this time next year we’ll be a family of three.

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