Thursday, November 12, 2009

In the spirit of true honesty...

Yesterday I had a break down...not the One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest kind of break down, but I met my limit for the day emotionally which allowed me to self assess and I didn’t like what I found. My last post really focused on the need to keep these children in Ethiopia with their true families, and how that can’t happen if all their extended families are dying because of HIV/AIDS. Another major threat that people have in Ethiopia is poverty, which leads to hunger, which leads to starvation which leads to death. My breakdown began when I read this sentence in “There’s No Me Without You”... “America wrestles with its obesity crisis to such an extent that American’s forget there are worse weight problems on earth than obesity”. It’s no secret that I have a weight problem. I mean to take one look at me you can see it, I’m not talking about a few extra pounds....I’m talking about a considerable amount of extra weight that I’ve managed to pack on the last 7 years. I’ve started and stopped more diets and exercise regimens than I can count on my hands. I start on it and follow through for a few weeks and then go right back into my bad habits. I can’t be overweight when I go to pick up my child. I just can’t. On a daily basis I’m embarrassed about being overweight here in America when like 5 out of 10 people are at least 30 pounds heavier than they should be, but over there? Where people are starving and poor, where they beg you for food? I won’t do it. I’m not saying that I want to starve myself so I can feel what life is like as a starving person but I need to reevaluate needs. What I would LOVE is prayer! Pray that I’ll stay true to my word and myself, and wish me luck and for goodness sakes don’t bake me any cakes!!!

Psalm 23:3 “He gives me new strength. He leads me on paths that are right for the good of his name.”

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