Thursday, October 29, 2009

Truckin' along...

Yesterday we drove to Rockledge which was only about an hour and change instead of over two hours like the last time, for our meeting with our social worker. It was good meeting, she was praising us for how fast we were completing our paperwork and we’re going to be done one whole month earlier then originally planned! YIPPEE! Our final visit will be at our home on 11/30 at 11am, she’ll make sure we have child locks in place and fire extinguishers, and that our dogs aren’t going to kill our new child.

This week I’ve really tried to gain a little more knowledge on the country of Ethiopia. Our classes we’ve been taking have talked about the importance of preserving our child’s culture and so I’ve really kind of tried to make a lot more of an effort to check out the country as a whole. Hopefully some books that I’ve ordered will be here soon! I’m also going to head to the library and see if they have a good selection because Barne’s & Noble certainly did not. So I’ll update you a little later on what I’ve learned...I got nothin’ right now.

In other great news one of my most fantastic friends Leanne is coming to visit me for the weekend. I am so excited! She is hilarious, and laughs SO LOUD it makes people turn their it. We don’t have set plans, just want to enjoy some uninterrupted time together on my turf.

Well, there’s nothing profound for me to share today...just little nonsensical things. Still brainstorming in a major way for fundraising ideas, and I believe we are going to really try to do a garage sale. I’ve heard from a few people that they were able to raise enough to pay for a small chunk of their program fee or even paid completely for submitting their dossier. More on that later!

Isaiah 65:23 “I will provide for their needs before they ask,
and I will help them while they are still asking for help.”

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