Thursday, October 15, 2009


So I was thinking today…what am I going to tell my child when they’re old enough to understand it? I mean we are definitely adopting more than one child in fact it’s safe to say we’ll adopt at least a few. The actual concept of adoption won’t be foreign to them, I mean that will be obvious. When they’re old enough to understand and retain information to form their own opinions on things, what exactly will I say? I won’t be able to offer them any “Honey I know what this feels like” because I don’t know what “it” feels like. Abandonment, living 7,000 miles away from your original home, truly probably never ever being able to see or meet your birth parents because they’ll probably be dead already (average age in Ethiopia is only 52). ”It’s” such a huge responsibility this whole adoption commitment, we’re committing to raising a child whose heart will be broken from the very beginning. I completed a module or two of required education for our home study, and one of the required readings was this amazing article… (just copy and paste it into your browser). So I still after all my thinking today have not come up with anything on what I’ll actually say to my little one. If I’m being totally honest I’m not going to really make myself come to conclusions right now. Just thoughts really. ”It” will be different.

As a side note, I am in no way, shape or form trying to say that what Tyler and I are doing is noble, deserves accolades, or is even better than having biological children. I hope that anyone that enjoys reading this already knows that but I felt like I needed to clarify.

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