Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Exciting news...

So I heard through the grapevine (ahem Joye Andrew) that Holt’s referral time was super short right now! (meaning, once we complete our home study and turn in our dossier, they match us with a child…OUR CHILD). Now let me say something, I am by nature an extremely impatient person. I always pay extra for faster shipping, I always leave in the first car load of people going on vacation, I’m not a huge fan of waiting. So when I first heard that our wait for a referral was going to be 6-9 months I was like, oh boy, I’m gonna die. I went back and forth with Holt today just asking more questions and specifically asking what the expected wait time was for a referral was to which she responded with… “We are matching families who have a home study done within a month or a few weeks”. CANNOT BELIEVE IT! I went from expecting 6-9 months waiting to one month? I mean even if it is double that by the time we get our home study done that’s still only 2 months, which is a breeze compared to 6-9. This happy news brings a lot of feelings one of which is, how is God going to provide us with the funds to bring this baby home? We officially can’t apply for any grants until our home study is completed, so now we’re trying to come up with some ideas. Mainly, trying to foot the $3,000 dossier fee that will be due upon completion of our home study before we can be on the wait list for a child. Anyone have any fundraising ideas? Do you know of anyone that has raised money for an adoption before that I could get in contact with? No idea is too big or too small at this point, we’re just looking to bring our little baby g, or baby b home and we’ll get there however we have to.

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