Monday, September 21, 2009

To answer some common ?'s...

Here are some questions that I’ve been asked frequently about adoption in relation to Tyler and I.

1. How long will it take? The whole process from applying to bring our child home is 12-18 months with Ethiopia depending on how quickly we get our paperwork finished up and our dossier sent over to Ethiopia. Home study is 3-4 months long, waiting for a referral (which means the agency to match us with a child) is 6-9 months. Once we’re matched, and our dossier is approved, our travel date is usually anywhere from 4-6 weeks after that depending on the season. Also, a dossier is a compilation of a lot of paperwork (i.e. doctors notes, work note, fingerprinting, and tons of other paperwork including our completed home study that is sent to Ethiopia as our FORMAL application to them as a country).

2. Are we adopting a boy or a girl? Infant or older child? The first time you adopt from Ethiopia you can only specify if you want a boy. They don’t allow you to choose a girl the first time around, we aren’t specifying anything accept age and the fact that our child will be 100% healthy. We are choosing to adopt an infant (0-12 months). The next time we adopt we’ll be more open to having an older (1-4years) child.

3. Why did we choose adoption as opposed to having biological children? We aren’t opposed to having biological children, we intend on that being a part of our life sometime if that’s what God wants for our family. Neither of us has any fertility issues that we know of but we both agreed that if it came down to us trying for a biological child and it not happening we are not taking an drastic measures to make that happen (i.e. IVF, fertility drugs). Do we have issues with people who aren’t adopting children? Are you kidding me, if we did we wouldn’t have any friends! Not only that, it’s just not important to either of us how you decide to make your family. Adoption is something that was always a part of our lives whether it’s through having a friend that is adopted, to babysitting for an entire family that was adopted, or even knowing clients at my work who have adopted children domestically and internationally.

4. Why Ethiopia? Ethiopia was always in our top 3 choices and here’s why. 7 million children are without families in Ethiopia…7 MILLION! Most of the time the woman is unmarried which doesn’t allow her enough money to have a job and pay for childcare so the need is great! It’s a smoother process, and a shorter wait. It seems weird to say out loud but I DON’T WANT TO WAIT 4 YEARS FOR A CHILD, if I have a choice of one in 12 months instead of 48, I’m going with the 12.

The truth is, we felt God calling us in this direction. True story.

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