Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Some new developments...

Thanks to Jaci being here last week I was able to take my mind of things and really concentrate on relaxing and enjoying time with her. Like I said before, it was a welcome distraction.

Today I made a phone call to CHS…again…to see where they were at with our paperwork and when we could set up a meeting to fill out the app and get this home study cracka-lackin! Janet is new to this position and so I was a little leery but I told myself to get over it and just start over with her. Long story short we have a meeting on Wednesday morning, I’M PUMPED! The agency is in Fort Pierce so we’ve got about a 2 hour drive ahead but that gives us plenty of time to decompress and chat about our future little one which of course I never mind.

When we started this journey we knew there would be harder days, weeks or even months but last week we focused on some positives.

1. We received a refund on some concert tickets we had purchased a few months ago because the show was cancelled so that was a welcome little treat and we are about 1/3 of the way to being able to pay for our entire home study ($1,800).

2. I have been able to make some seriously great contacts with people who have adopted from Ethiopia recently and that my friend is priceless! I have been badgering them with questions and what’s even more fantastic is that they love answering them! These people either have a single adopted child or multiple adopted children and are so passionate about adopting it has been very refreshing.

SO, I’ll be post an update on Wednesday after our meeting with Janet at CHS! Keep the prayers coming…last week I had some other things going on that were draining my energy and trying to steal my focus but I’m pressing on!

Psalm 138:8 ”The Lord will work out His plans for my life-for your faithful love, O Lord, endures forever. Don’t abandon me for you made me”.

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