Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just some thoughts during my long shift...

Today I had some time to do a lot of thinking while I worked a double. Lots of time to peruse the internet, cry over adoption videos on you tube, and just try and get the ball rolling on some little things like our passports and copies of birth certificates. I was thinking today, what if I don’t feel connected to our new little one? What if I’m just not feelin’ it? I started to worry about that, I mean I know I love my dog so I’m OBVIOUSLY going to feel love for a child that technically I didn’t help create. I wonder if anyone in my family will feel the same way…I hope not. I spoke to Tyler about this via text while I was at work and he said to me “Kari, God would not have put this in our hearts only to have us NOT connect”. True story.

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