Saturday, September 12, 2009

How it all began...

On a park bench, no joke, and definitely cliche I guess. Tyler and I were taking a walk at a park here in Altamonte called Crane’s Roost and we were people watching, which if you know me at all you know it’s my very favorite thing. I had been thinking for a little while that adoption would be an interesting journey and an awesome way to build our family, I had just never said it out loud, and then I did. What you need to understand is that I believe my husband is the most patient, understanding, and selfless person ever, he will no doubt be an AMAZING father to our children but I didn’t know that he had ever given something like this a second thought, and it turns out he had! We proceeded to talk about what countries we wanted to adopt from and how old and all those fun things…all on the park bench. So here we are, nearly 2 years after that conversation, beginning this strenuous and rewarding journey.

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