Friday, September 18, 2009

Excitement doesn't begin to describe it...

So we received the official acceptance letter from Holt today and we are SO PUMPED! Although if I’m being completely honest I know that what we’ve gone through in the last couple weeks from choosing a few different agencies and also choosing the country will be hands down the easiest thing out of the whole process. The next step is going to be the home study, we’ll be working with an agency called Children’s Home Society here in Florida, and it should take approximately 3-4 months.

In making the big announcement it was met with so many different comments, questions and reactions, as I expected. Given the fact that I’m a super private person at work, they were all REALLY stunned, like totally stunned…one guy just looked at me for like 5 minutes straight. My boss asked me “well who’s going to watch the baby?”…and “how long will you be taking off?”, to which I replied, “Tyler and I will be watching the baby, and I’ll be taking an equivalent of a normal maternity leave”, he responds “ok well, we’ve got to get this figured out, ’cause this could happen any minute right?”. wow. I wish.

Our immediate families are really excited which is awesome…which got me thinking. You know when a woman gets pregnant there’s an immediate connection with other women who have been pregnant or are pregnant, the ooey gooey stuff from mother’s talking about kicks and heartburn, and how many pushes it took to get the baby out. This is how people connect, I mean really strangers connect. I started to think, I’ve got to make this as much of a connecting process as possible without actually carrying the child in my belly, or passing on gene’s from our parents and grandparents. I guess initially the easiest way for me to do this is with sharing information. I’ve got to make sure I’m talking about the whole process a lot more with our parents and siblings, little insignificant details that I might not think are super important will act as yet another way for them to really feel like they’re with us and our new baby through this process. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions, it’s new to us so we might not know the answer yet but by the end we sure will.

My heart is full.

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